Historical Implications of Advertising

How do we remember them?

And how will we be remembered?


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3 responses to “Historical Implications of Advertising

  1. furpurr

    That anorexic ‘model’ is one of the most repulsive photos I have ever seen… Was it doctored, or is she really like that?!? A sad commentary on the advertisement industry, both of them, & on Hollywood, which could be working to better America, & the world’s perspective on women, rather than tearing both down. So, so sad!!

  2. Kaylee Harris

    This photograph is utterly shocking to me. As a 17 year old young woman, this picture makes me worry about the future of my generation. How has the image of beauty been transformed to this? Who decided that being unhealthy is beautiful? My heart literally aches for the woman in the photograph. I can’t imagine what she has put her body through in order to achieve someone else’s idea of beauty. It is truly heartbreaking, but also eye opening. Thanks for your blog. It always keeps my eyes open to what is going on in the world…even when I really want to keep them closed.

  3. That model picture is absolutely hideous – it made me physically ill. Such a shame this is considered acceptable beauty

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