Feminist Friendly Halloween Costume? HELP!

Ok… I’ve got like a week to think of a costume. And I am so over the “sexy (insert costume name here).” I’ve been googling feminist costumes but all that comes up are blogs about how they are so over the sexy costumes. I was Sarah Palin for a Heros and Villains party (can you guess which I came as?). So I can’t do that again… But I’ve been so busy I haven’t had time to think of something creative or make something really cool. I want to be something feminist or female friendly but still recognizable to the general public (I don’t want to go around explaining my costume the whole night…). Last year I was Miley Cyrus (and my blonde friend was Hannah Montana.) And the year before that I was Themis, an ancient goddess. In my google search the only cool idea I saw was Carmen Sandiego. Do you think people would be able to recognize that? What are some good costumes you know of?? Help me, please!


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2 responses to “Feminist Friendly Halloween Costume? HELP!

  1. Tara Pohle

    Why not go as a doctor instead of the sexy nurse? I know that’s not a super feminist idea nowadays, but it would be a little bit of a departure from the typical costumes. I don’t think many people would get Carmen Sandiego. Or you could part your hair in the middle, straighten it, put on some 60’s clothes, big glasses and be Gloria Steinem in her heyday. Google her and there are several pics from that time. Of course, you’d probably have to wear a name tag as she’s not a very recognizable character.

    Get a snappy pantsuit from the thrift store and be Hillary. Or try another Greek goddess, but this time be Diana or Athena. They were pretty kicka**.

    • hmmm. . . .well, I’m going to be a crazy cat lady this year : ) That’s not “Sexy” per se, unless you are attracted to gray kinky hair, scratched up limbs, and old sweaters.

      other ideas. . .
      Joan of Arc
      A librarian (not the sexy kind)
      A fire fighter (in full uniform, not a Spencer’s Gifts one)
      An artist
      An animal: elephant, lion, tiger, bear. . .
      Lara Croft
      Mya Angelo
      Kate Winslet character: Clementine fm Eternal Sunshine, April from Revolutionary Road, Hanna from The Reader
      Alice from Wonderland
      Jane Addams (from the Social Work movement)
      The mother earth character from Captain Planet
      X-Men character: Storm, Jean Grey, Jubilee
      Deputy Chief Brenda Lee Johnson (The Closer)
      Olivia Benson (Law and Order SVU)
      Tapanga (Boy Meets World)

      Hope that helps.

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